My rainbow baby and the Evil Queen

Many years ago I went and saw a psychic. She did the whole card thing and I had to choose them and she would talk about what was going on. Many of the things she said I can’t remember clearly. Some of the things however are very clear. 

I absolutely think she was spot on when it comes to my eldest daughter. She told me at the time that in two years I would be the happiest I had ever known. Do you know two years to that day (!) I delivered my beautiful daughter into the world? I know right…

She went on to tell me that this daughter of mine would have “the gift” and I would need to learn how to nurture it. Now I am pretty scientific – I like evidence and stuff. But I also don’t mind a bit of woo-woo and I think there are some things that are just impossible to explain.

Now this daughter of mine is only four years old. That aside she has said things over the last couple of years that make my husband and I look at her and then at each other, puzzled with where the knowledge has come from.

One of the things she says often is that I “borned” her first, the next sister was “borned” second and the baby sister was “borned” fifth. When she says this, I sometimes ask why she thinks that and she is usually very matter of fact and says, “because she is.” or just shrugs her shoulders.

Our third baby is a rainbow baby – the beautiful phenomenon that followed the most emotionally hectic storm I had ever experienced of loosing two pregnancies in a row. A harrowing time for both me and my husband. A time that changed me and saw me unravel and loose control and crumple and eventually rebuild. The rebuild continues.

So my little rainbow is the fifth baby born. Isn’t that all just brilliant and weird and a little sad and much happy?

I bring this up because on Friday night, hubs and I did something very unusual and went IMG_3931.jpginto the big smoke and saw Em Rusciano’s Evil Queen show at the Qld Performing Arts Centre (QPAC). We bought the tickets last year and spoiled ourselves by getting a VIP upgrade. It was well worth it, we got goody bags with signed copies of her book Try Hard, and went to the soundcheck, which was really lovely and intimate.

IMG_3933Em wrote Evil Queen following the loss of her son to miscarriage. It’s a show that sees you laughing hectically one moment, crying the next and then signing Wilson Phillips ‘Hold On’ the next. It’s poignant and pensive and honest and harsh and hilarious. In my eyes it was just glorious.

Em is one of my modern day heroes and spirit animal. Someone I look to for inspiration and comfort and identify with at an emotional level. If you’ve never seen her live, I suggest when she tours next you absolutely go or perhaps look her up on line. She is fantastic. Strap yourself in though, she is all that and more!


Yep, that’s a giant penis. 

S x

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