Round-up and check-in

It’s been a while since I sat down and wrote. Before Easter I was really very regular with it all and had this great little routine going where I had made the space to write. Since Easter the routine has gone a bit haywire and subconsciously I think I’ve felt a little ‘not bothered’ because I know the routine is going to change again when I go back to work in a couple of weeks. 

Is it just me or seriously does it feel like last week that we were all going “Happy New Year!” and now we’re in the first week or TERM 2 and Easter is OVER?!

Cheesey quiche

So an Easter round-up. I stuck to about 70% of the meal plan that I had blogged. Things I will make again include the quiche. Things I won’t include the lemon and chia seed cake. Live and learn. Why I cheated on the Anne Chocolate Cake I am not sure.

Holidays came and went and I had my big girl at home with me for two weeks, which was really lovely. At the same time my smallest has started transitioning into day care and I have missed her but she is adjusting really well, which is great. Plus I’ve been able to get to appointments – brows, optometrist, podiatrist, GP – on my own and it’s quite excellent.

The smallest has started crawling and pulling herself up on to things and takes steps if you hold her up by the hands. She’s still the happiest baby EVER! The biggest wants to write all of the words and is thoughtful and kind. The middle one is starting to work out toilet training and is the funniest and naughtiest and most stubborn.

I had my skin checked and am now booked in to get three nasties cut out. Years of attempting to tan are now catching up with me. I’m fair, freckled with auburn hair so you know, I was a know-it-all STUPID young adult when I was doing the tanning. So go get your skin checked!

I head back to work in just over a week and that is messing with me a bit. I swing from happy about it, to really not into it. In preparation I did a massive wardrobe edit Nikki Parkinson style and when I sorted through it all only needed to buy new hosiery and a pair of black trousers because I had none that fitted properly.

I made my first pie – an apple pie – and it was quite the triumph. I will make one again. I used a recipe out of the free magazine at Coles and it was excellent. I’ll blog it next time I make it.

Apple pie I made.

On Easter Sunday we went to a 40th birthday party and I had a few delicious cocktails. I was quite dusty the next day and hubs and I decided no drinking until we go camping on 25 April. I also might have a bubble when I go see Em Rusciano on Friday night. I’m wondering if I might keep it up a bit longer though. I feel way more productive and it made me re-read this and wonder if alcohol is something I want in my life on a regular basis… Especially at the moment when the kids require so much of me and life is particularly demanding.

I read To Kill A Mockingbird and it is definitely one of my all time favourite books ever! The story of Jean Louise, Jem, Dill, Atticus and Boo will stay with me my whole life. Do go read it if you haven’t. Next I am very keen to find the movie and watch it.

My little babe has decided she prefers bottles during the day and not her mama. I was sad, but at least she’s not screaming the house down at day care because all she wants is boob. She’s still happy to feed at night so that’s good.

I devoured all of Beyonce’s Coachella performance and just LURVED it!

I’ve continued listening to Bang On and Look 10 Chat 3.

Four of the five of us have been sick with a virus and it’s been awful on the kids sleep and consequently ours. The big girl managed to avoid it and hopefully she continues to avoid it.

I deactivated my Facebook account because of the Cambridge Analytica scandal. I’m really very uncomfortable with that whole situation and don’t want to be apart of it. I haven’t really noticed that I’m not on Facebook and I would like to think my anxiety has improved a bit.

Speaking of anxiety, I went and spoke to my doctor and after many months of trying to manage it independently have decided to take medication to help. And it is helping. Two weeks in now and I feel a much calmer and rational version of myself. I do worry it impacts on my creativity some. But at the moment, a calmer and rational me is dealing with life’s challenges much more productively.

So that’s me. What have you been up to? I have some fun things on the radar over the next week.


S x








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