Easter meal plan

A couple of months ago I announced to my family that “this Easter we aren’t going anywhere – I can’t even.” With three kids in tow and varying sleep schedules it just seems a bit too hard. And you know what, we make a bloody big effort to visit people over the holiday seasons and I had kind of had enough of dragging the kids around and then having to deal with the behavioural aftermath of tired kids and “bored” kids in the car and the repitive “why does it take so long to drive to so-and-so’s house”. Gah!

So I made a commitment that we were going to stay at home and if anyone wanted to catch up they could come to us.

And so now we have all of these people coming to visit us and that is actually really lovely. I love having people in my home and looking after them and feeding them delicious food.

In an effort to bring together my ideas in one place from the many lists I have been writing and consequently loosing, I am going to put my meal plan here, with any relevant links.

In addition to the things below I am also going to make a lemon and chia cake. I don’t think I’ll go too overboard with sweet making because it’s Easter and the bunny comes Saturday night and we will essentially be able to see chocolate from every position in the house for the following three days.

Also we aren’t practicing Catholics obviously because there is no sign of fish on Good Friday, and my mother in law isn’t big on salmon and that’s the only fish my kids are enthusiastic about. Tough life being four and two years old right? *eye roll*

I swear the only fish I had as a kid was what my Dad and Pop caught or it came out of a box, frozen and covered in crumbs and was of the finger variety. There was no sustainably sourced salmon on our dinner plate and I turned out just fine thank you very much.

I’ll do an ‘after’ post with photos next week and let you know how it all went.

What are you making this Easter?

Fondly, S x


Thursday Evening soiree with neighbours – thankfully I had the good sense to ask my neighbours to bring a plate with them when I invited them over for drinks. Rice paper rolls with poached chicken, mint, pickled carrots & vermicelli noodles + dipping sauce from a bottle
Friday Lunch with friends Baguettes with ham, pickles, lettuce, swiss cheese and tomatoes and lashings of mustard and mayo
Friday Dinner with MIL Steak, hasselback spuds & Greek salad
Saturday Lunch with MIL & FIL Cheesey quiche, salad and left over hasselback potatoes
Sunday Afternoon tea with my family – once again I am sharing the load and asked my mum and brother to bring a plate. Sauso rolls
Sunday Dinner with my parents Silverside, cabbage, mash & white sauce

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