Dear Dan – a dear friend

The original intent was that these letters were to be to women. Dan is an exception to this rule.

Dear Dan,

I won’t be so insensitive to say that I hope this letter finds you well because we both know that you aren’t. And that is why I wanted to write to you. 

I’ve asked to come and see you a few times but you are being understandably stubborn about it. I imagine if it was me in your shoes I would be the same. The image I have of you in my head is one of health – the sparkle in your eye and cheeky, wry smile. Sleeves rolled up as always and an effortless cool. So many of the girls we worked with over the years fancied you – I don’t know if you were aware of it at all.

When we met about 16 years ago we worked together. I was a casual doing data entry for the solar hot water program straight out of uni, and you were a project officer working on renewable energy policy. It was a very unique time in government – there was a majority held in parliament and it was raining money. Good times as far as being a public servant is concerned.

You were apart of the cool gang and I was trying to not be noticed. Our paths continued to cross but it wasn’t until about eight years later that we became solid friends. Both working on climate change policy and both freshly separated from our first marriages.

You were one of the most supportive and reliable friends I had during that time. It was a fairly volatile time emotionally for both of us and not once did you ever take advantage of me or my feelings for your own gain. You are one of the most respectful men I have ever known and your mum, family and you should be thanked for that quality. It is rare.

There are few people in this world that I have ever let my full guard down with (not even my parents if I’m honest) and you are one of them. When I talk to you I feel I could say anything (and usually do) and I can be me. Our mate Sharon concurs this. It was a feeling that saw you two develop a firm friendship as well.

Speaking of Sharon I skyped with her on the weekend. She was asking after you and I told her the truth. She passes all her love on and wants you to know you are well and regularly in her thoughts.

We’ve lost touch over the last few years as our lives and careers diverged but have both landed well on our feet. Both with new, healthy marriages and children. Your career really took off and there were even whispers when the DDG job was advertised that you might’ve applied for it. You’ve achieved a lot and affected so much change over the years with your ideas and knowledge.

I hope I have been half the friend that you have been to me. I hope you know that I love you and you hold a special place in my life. I am so grateful we talked on the phone (more than you will ever know I dare say) and that you were honest with me. I know you are tired, but I hope we have the opportunity to talk again soon.




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