Celeste Barber, consistency & nut-free muesli bars

I had a bit of yucky week. My back had been niggling for some time and then on Tuesday I woke up and my back yelled at me really loudly and said, “FOR HEAVENS SAKE WOMAN – YOU NEED TO STOP – PLEASE HELP ME!!!” 

You see when I was a wee lass of 17 I worked at a fresh seafood shop. I gave myself a nice little lower back injury lifting a market bin of prawns in brine that a developing body of 17 shouldn’t have lifted. My misogynistic bosses however thought the tasks they asked us to do were reasonable and it was all-in-all a very strange and Stockhome Syndrome type of work environment when I reflect on it now.

So for the last 20 years I have managed my pain and intermittently exacerbated the injury. It’s cost me so much money… That’s terribly frustrating. And I’ve pumped a lot more pharmaceuticals into my body than I’d like to think about in an effort to manage pain and get on with life. Because you know, there’s work and kids still need to get dropped off and fed and played with and cared for and stuff. #mumlyfe

So I got myself off to the physiotherapist and we are on a positive path of treatment. On the weekend I was allowed to go for a walk on a flat surface. Living near the water means there is a few kilometers of esplanade in my neighbourhood, so I went down there and walked (shuffled) for an hour and caught up on some podcasts.

I listened to this weeks Bang On, which was pleasing as it is every week. It’s how I stay culturally current. Then despite my better judgement I listened to the No Filter interview with Celeste Barber.

No Filter is Mia Freedman’s podcast. I have had tenuous feelings towards Mia for many years now. I really don’t feel that Mia has learnt from many of the mistakes she has made and possibly reflects on them as some sort of strategic genius as they attract clicks and attention. I think it is fabulous that her media outlet is successful but the content it has used to get there is not consistent with the feminist vibe Mia would like you to think is her “truth”.

I stopped listening to her podcast a while back because while I was interested in the people she was talking to, it became apparent to me that Mia lacked the maturity as an interviewer to really step back and allow the interviewee the space and guidance to tell their story. You inevitably get a whole lot of info about Mia as she attempts to relate to every experience that the interviewee shares.

I also cringe when Mia dumbs down the conversation. When a woman mentions a relationship with a man she will inevitable enquire if there “was any romantic involvement?” and I just find it a bit too much. The absolute worst was when she introduced Will Anderson saying how she thought they had a “thing” at one point but neither acted on it, and then went on to press him on the issue of why he has chosen to not have children… Like I said, really immature.

My conundrum however is that I love Celeste Barber. The woman is a comic genius and I actually got to meet her at a charity event a couple of years ago just before #challengeaccepted exploded and I know that she is super kind and intelligent. I mean you have to be VERY smart to do what she does and make it look effortless.

So I listened to the podcast and Mia was her normal cringey self, but Celeste was fantastic. At one point she was talking about a very close friend of hers and how he was the one that helped her see she was talented (and yes, Mia very inappropriately asked if they’d been “romantic” together – ugh). He told Celeste that she was good at comedy and that she needed to own it. Playing it down was BORING and no one will ever care if you continue to be all, “but I’m not really good at it,” about it. And what’s more scary is that you won’t be as good as what you can be.

This really made me go, “holy moly – that is me – that is so true.” You know what, I’m good at story telling. I’m good at writing how I write. Playing it down and saying, “oh I’m just trying to keep up regular practice” is fu&%ing boring. Imma gonna own this now. I want to write and I want to be a writer. It’s up on the vision board and it will happen. I will work on this and be consistent and make it happen.

Aren’t moments of clarity grand? The tricky bit is the consistency and that is what I have written “consistency” down as my weeks intention this morning. Consistency of good habits – physio exercises, gentle morning walks, good diet, patience, presence and kindness to myself. I reckon I’ll feel like a bloody rock star come Friday if I keep these things up consistently.

IMG_3742.jpgWith the consistent good diet in mind I chose to make a healthier lunchbox option on the weekend and made Healthy No-Bake, Nut-Free Muesli Bars from Well Nourished. I’ve made them before and they are delicious. My only tip would be to go easy on the honey. I only used 100g (compared to the 170g in the recipe) and they are still super sweet for my family. I think I will cut it with rice malt syrup next time so I get the binding but just a little less sweet.

What are you trying to be consistent about? How do you feel about Mia Freedman – am I just cranky?


S x



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