Nice times report

The weekend wrapped up over night and I for one am feeling pretty good about embarking on the week ahead. I did some nice things over the weekend and I thought I’d share those with you. Maybe you are looking for some nice times inspiration?

On Friday night I went to the movies with a girlfriend and we saw Lady Bird. Holy cow it was such a nice movie. It’s a coming of age film about a girl finishing high school in Sacramento and she calls herself ‘Lady Bird’.

Some of the themes and issues were so close to home because I was once a 17 year old IMG_3593.jpggirl finishing high school and essentially I don’t think much really changes does it? Despite the decade you grow up in, we all have a first kiss and go to dances (or similar) and do awkward things and have to find who we are and learn hard lessons.

The one thing that was super close to home was Lady Bird’s relationship with her mum. It reminded very much of mine with my dad. In grade 12 my dad just wanted the very best for me and I didn’t understand that or realise perhaps how important it was to work hard and not get distracted by the boy working at the deli at Coles and day dream about him a lot. *sigh* I’m not saying that how you perform in high school determines the rest of your life but now that I’ve grown up when I look back I can definitely see some efficiencies could have been gained if I had studied a bit harder and not focussed on boys so much.

Anyways, so I saw Lady Bird and enjoyed a choc chip mint choc top (too many chocs!) and it was a very nice night.

Saturday was quite a busy day doing all the normal things and was good. It was terribly hot and humid but I got a good walk in and listened to the Bang On podcast. I now have Madonna’s terrible rap in my head though because of the podcast. If you also wish to torment your brain and feel less than satisfied (you’ll understand my choice of words if you go listen to it) go have a listen to it here. *shudders*

IMG_3609Yesterday my husband and I celebrated our six year anniversary – six years since we met! – with a really nice lunch at a new place near where we live, Shucks Bar. I had an Aperol Spritz (fancy) and we had oysters (super fancy) and I devoured a bowl of mussels cooked in delicious stuff and used a mussel as my pincer-fork and felt very rustic. Did you know that when you have oysters you are supposed to turn the oyster over after you eat it and then the staff know you are finished. I didn’t – clever though right? It was lovely to go out by ourselves – only the second time in the last 8 months – and well needed and much appreciated.

I also cooked pulled pork in the slow cooker yesterday to make tacos for diner last night and to put on baked potatoes for dinner tonight. Heavens above it was bloody good. I used this recipe and based on everyones enthusiastic responses I will be making this again.

Did you have any nice times over the weekend? I hope you are embarking on Monday with gusto.


S x




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