Sally’s Secret

My eldest daughter is in kindy and yesterday was library day. I cannot tell you the joy I felt when she showed me her kindy library book for the week – Sally’s Secret by Shirley Hughes.

I had forgotten this book existed but on seeing the cover a flood of childhood memories came running back. I used to get this book out weekly when I was a little older than my daughter.

I flicked through the pages and it is just incredibly pretty. I wouldn’t be surprised if the illustrations in this book, which I would pour over in detail for what seemed like hours, have had a HUGE influence on my style. Especially now as aa woman of the house who is largely at the helm of making decisions about furniture and styling.

I also think Sally’s personal style is all kinds of amazing. The drop dress and ankle boots – absolutely something I would wear. And don’t get me started on how much I adore Rose’s statement hat.

Even this table setting reminds me of how I set a table today for my family or friends. Even the little girl underneath the table is accurate!

Such a lovely book and I have a funny feeling Miss 4 is developing a similar affinity for Sally and her Secret.

Can you remember a book you obsessed over as a wee one?


S x

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