The little blog that could

So for the last little while I’ve been thinking about getting back into blogging again. But between you, me and the gatepost I’ve been a bit anxious about it. *screws up nose*

My mind kept thinking that I should only blog if I have a sexy website. And adorable photos. And a super cool tagline that’s just the right amount of hipster-cute.

And my heart would go, “but’s that’s not me.” I’m a bit messy and unpredictable and emotional and I have trouble turning the TV on let alone making a website work!

And then last week a thing happened. And this thing led to a really big and beautiful online conversation with a group of creative women that I am very lucky to be apart of. And these women have given me the courage to basically cut through the crap and own this little space again.

So here I am again. I’m going to write for me here. A little online journal of things that are going on, food that I am making, books I’m reading and stuff that’s going in my ears. There will be no scheduling, just sweet snippets of time that I find to be present and let my words come out through my fingertips and onto the screen.

I’m also playing around with the idea of writing some short stories, but please don’t hold me to that one just yet. *Pip’s words “write the damn book” ring in ears*

So to get started I thought I’d share a few little things that are making my life nice. perhaps you might like to try them out too.

  1. Harry Potter – call me a late bloomer but I have only just started reading the Harry Potter series. Mumma’s brain couldn’t handle anything too heavy so I thought I’d have a go. And you know what, they are bloody delightful. I am so enjoying them. I’ve finished the first three and have the fourth waiting. I am also the proud owner of some Harry Potter PJs that my partner and daughters bought me for Christmas. #PotterLyfe
  2. Dear Quentin, letters of a Governor General – this is a collection of letters that Quentin Bryce has curated from her time as Governor General. It really is a lovely insight into not only her as a woman and her values, but also the role of GG. I never really understood it but it makes a bit more sense now. Once I have finished this (it’s on loan from the library) I’ll get back into Harry.
  3. The Library – man this is so becoming my happy place. I just love it and the staff and all the free things. I am very consciously developing my children’s love of the library too. I have dreams that one day a visit will involve us all going and there will be no “don’t run”, and no “we need to be respectful that this is a quiet place”, and no me carrying everyone’s shoes and we will all 100% have a lovely time.
  4. The local pool – it’s been hot and this year we’ve gone to the pool every week. This has led to lots more swimming than usual and my heavens it is a simple way to spend some quality time with the girls. As well as wear them out and ensure big long sleeps after lunch.
  5. Iced lattes – like I said, it’s been hot. And an iced latte is very refreshing and it has caffeine, which is undeniably a very good thing.
  6. ABC listen – I am slowly but surely learning different things to do on my iPad that I got for my birthday last year. One of my favourites is to listen to the Radio, ABC Brisbane or Radio National. ABC Brisbane has a new programming line-up for 2018 and it is aurally pleasing. Especially Myf at lunchtime.
  7. Podcasts – and then there’s podcasts. Some of my favourites are Bang On, Ladies we need to talk, Pretty for an Aboriginal, Conversations, Chat 10 looks 3, and while not an actual podcast Pip Lincoln has started one via Sound Cloud and it is lovely too. There are many I want to listen too as well. I like feeling like the people speaking are my friends and it’s a little injection of socialising on days when I’m with the kids most of the time.

So that’s it. How are you going? What’s bringing the nice to your life?

Fondly xx

(I got “fondly” from the GGs book – I like it)


  1. You did it Sarah! I just loved reading your words and what you’ve been up too. We are moving into town in about four months (30 minute drive from where we live now) to be closer to health services. I’ll have to check out the vibe of our local library. Hope to read some more of your words soon. I like that you are placing no pressure on yourself and will post when the mood strikes. Love Xx


  2. So lovely Sarah. I too am in the middle of my first blog post in months and months as a result of all the lovely supportive vibes right here. My two big kids are SO into Harry Potter at the moment. My son spent all his Christmas money on buying the entire set. My son is on the 4th, my daughter is on the third. So good! And yes, the library. I love it too. My library has just joined Lynda (the online learning hub) so I am about to sign up to ALL the courses! Well, not all but definitely some. Nice to see you here again. 😊


  3. Hey Sandra, lovely post. I LOVED the Harry Potter series too. I even cried in parts and was devastated st the end of the last book! The loss is real! I’m loving iced lattes too. My (year 12) daughters make them all the time and I get one too. Bonus of being a mum of teens. I haven’t blogged for ages, but lucky for me it’s because I’m busy with my new love, food photography. Maybe I’ll find some time to write a bit about that. Welcome back to blog land 🙂


  4. Hi. Libraries. Yes. I’m looking forward to realising the dream of quiet enjoyment of libraries with my kids too. I’ve give up on all the toddler times because I find it to be THE most stressful experience. Only because of my own internals.
    Great to see you here. xx


    1. Thank you Heike – it’s quite lovely to be back. Toddler Time is more like Hijinx time isn’t it?! I do love the baby rhyme time on Monday when it is just little Lu and I though. That is very pleasing. xx

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